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Welcome to PCSWMM 7.1

Welcome to PCSWMM version 7.1! The new PCSWMM version supports alternative runoff methods, IDF tools, scripting and LandXML importing as well as other new features, various improvements to existing features, some bug fixes and much more. Visit the PCSWMM Downloads page to upgrade to PCSWMM 7.1 today!

Some highlights

New alternative runoff methods

PCSWMM now has the ability to compute subcatchment runoff using a number of alternatives to the SWMM5 non-linear reservoir routing method, including Modified Rational, SCS triangular UH, SCS dimensionless UH, Delmarva UH, Snyder UH, Nash IUH, and Clark UH. A single model can use any combination of these runoff methods for its subcatchments, and subcatchments can be easily converted from one method to another.

New Intensity Duration Frequency support

This new feature allows you to import, create and manage IDF curves for use by the Chicago and Symmetric design storms, as well as the new Modified Rational runoff method. IDF curves can be imported from NOAA precipitation frequency estimate files, Environment Canada and MTO IDF data, as well as manually entered or computed from rainfall time series. IDF curves can also be compared to observed rainfall events.

New scripting tool

Initial support for scripting in PCSWMM has been released. Various commands can be stored and executed in series, and PCSWMM Real Time can execute scripts both before and after real-time SWMM5 runs. More functions will be added in the upcoming releases - let us know what functionality you would like in the feature requests forum.

LandXML support

PCSWMM now supports importing subcatchments, conduits and junctions from a single LandXML file as another way of importing data from Civil 3D. Additionally, these SWMM5 layers can be exported to the LandXML format, however due to limitations of the LandXML format, and Civil 3D's support of it, only a few attributes are supported at this time.