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Script example: Find unique values of an attribute in any layer

This script example demonstrates how to find the unique values of any attribute in a model layer or background layer. In this example, unique conduit height (GEOM1) and unique conduit cross-section shapes (XSection) are found and printed.


# get unique parameter
def unique(links, parameter):
  lt = []
  for link in links:
    val = link[parameter] # pull in all the attribute values
    if not val in lt:
      lt.append(val)      # create a list of the unique values
  return lt

conduits = pcpy.Map.Layer["Conduits"].get_entities() # get Conduits entities
print unique(conduits, 'XSection') # print unique cross-section shapes
print unique(conduits, 'GEOM1')    # print unique conduit heights