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Announcing upcoming PCSWMM 2011 2D

PCSWMM 2D flood forecasting system

RELEASE DATE: PCSWMM 2011 2D is scheduled to be released in late 2011.

PCSWMM 2D modeling - wave reflectivity off obstructions
This video demonstrates PCSWMM 2011 2D modeling of wave reflectivity off obstructions, as well as illustrating the dependence of wave celerity on water depth, and PCSWMM 2D's ability to model flood water moving up gradient.
     PCSWMM 2D urban modeling
This video demonstrates the 2D capabilities of PCSWMM in an urban setting. In this demonstration a flood vulnerable assets building layer is used as an obstruction layer. As well a sound barrier with partial flap gates are modeled to show how the overland flow is influenced by the barrier.

PCSWMM 2011 2D gives engineers an innovative, easy-to-use and scalable approach to modeling urban and rural surface flooding.  By providing a completely integrated 1D and 2D solution, PCSWMM 2011 2D combines sewer flow and surface flow modeling in one seamless package, with fully dynamic interaction between subsurface pipes, open channels and overland flood flow.  Bringing PCSWMM's ease-of-use and scalable GIS-based approach to 2D surface modeling, engineers increase their return on investment and improve the accuracy, resolution and presentation of flood event analysis.

PCSWMM 2011 2D provides:  

  • Completely integrated 1D and 2D solutions
  • Seamless transitions between 1D and 2D flow
  • Quick mesh creation and editing tools
  • Dynamic 2D playback of results in software or as video
  • Google Earth 3D presentation support
  • Supports 1D channel/pipe modeling, dual-drainage modeling, 2D surface modeling, or any combination of these flow types.
  • Water quality modeling in both 1D and 2D
  • Full dynamic wave modeling (full St. Venant equations)
  • Variable computational time step
  • No limit on number of nodes/pipes or size of mesh
  • Integrates with PCSWMM Real-Time for flood forecasting

3D flood animation in Google Earth