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Purchase PCSWMM Professional 2D

Want to upgrade or purchase PCSWMM Professional 2D, come visit our licensing and pricing page to obtain a quote for a 12 month subscription or contact us directly at for more information.

Here is an outline of some 2D functions that are available with the latest version of PCSMM Professional 2D:  

  • Use center line with the longest intersecting length when generating directional mesh 2D nodes
  • Avoid applying auto-length feature and tool to 2D conduits
  • Check minimum surface area of 2D cells for 2D mesh
  • Check length of routing time step for 2D project
  • Set default depth of 2D elements to 30m
  • Handle more than one 1D nodes in connecting 2D to 1D directly function
  • Connect 1D to 2D tool to connect 2D mesh to 1D nodes tagged "Connect2D" rather than requiring 1D nodes to be selected
  • Automatically reconnect subcatchments to 2D mesh after recreating the 2D mesh
  • Check to convert square meter to square foot if necessary