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PCSWMM version 5.4 released August 22, 2013

CHI is pleased to announce the latest version of PCSWMM (version 5.4). Celebrating over 1500 builds since the inception of the new .NET-based PCSWMM software, this update introduces a significant time saving feature (Push), provides more control over layer rendering for vector and DEM layers, and improves both the 2D modeling and printing functions of PCSWMM. 

Push to scenarios

The new push functionality allows quick updating of multiple scenarios from changes made to the current scenario. With three modes (push selected, push matching, and replace section), the tool can handle many different synchronization needs. Combining the new push modes with PCSWMM's approach to scenario management provides a unique and flexible method for synchronizing model edits.

Layer rendering

In this release the layer properties editor has been rebuilt to provide efficient creation and editing of section (class) based rendering. Supporting an unlimited number of user-defined and/or downloadable color ramps (gradients), and a new section creator tool that supports fixed increment, quantile and nested means classification, this update also improves labeling control and the storage of label favorites.

For more details, please see the version history notes on the updates and downloads page. Also, please let us know if you have ideas for future releases on our feature requests forum.