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Introducing PCSWMM 6.1

PCSWMM 6.0 Release Video


PCSWMM 6.0 has arrived! And it comes fully stocked with new features and advancements to improve workflow and streamline model development and analysis. We've updated the interface and panel tabs, added support for SWMM5.1.009 and OpenSWMM5.1.909 and introduced a new hydromodification assessment tool. You'll also see enhancements to the automated watershed delineation, scatter plot and SRTC tools. Plus, PCSWMM 6.0 provides improved support for model documentation, includes a new notes capability and now gives you two background tile layers to choose from.

Support for Bing Maps  

The new connection to Microsoft's Bing Maps tile server adds geo-referenced aerial satellite imagery to PCSWMM 6.0, as an alternative to the tiled road maps available through PCSWMM's Open Street Maps connection.

Tabbed panels  


We’ve tweaked the layout of PCSWMM 6.0 to better accommodate smaller screens and a more efficient and intuitive workflow. The new tabs provide support for Windows 10 application tiling and behave similarly to Google Chrome tabs.

All new notes function  

With the introduction of notes in PCSWMM 6.0, you can now document your model development with unlimited user-comments that are searchable, date stamped, linked to specific entities and listed in reverse-chronological order with the author’s name visible.

New scatter plot

PCSWMM 6.0 features an all new scatter plot that allows the comparison of any two (or more) time series, regardless of time step. Useful for analyzing gauged time series and plotting observed vs computed, this plot also supports fitting curves, filtering data points, plotting objective functions and performing error analysis. 


EPA SWMM5 can be used to quickly determine and present hydromodification compliance with new features in PCSWMM's graph panel. Compare duration exceedance plots for proposed and natural scenarios, enter compliance criteria and show pass/fail grade directly on the graph.

Watershed delineation

You’ll notice that automated watershed delineation in PCSWMM 6.0 is significantly quicker and more versatile, with support for delineation points and improved smoothing.

SRTC tool

And, the SRTC tool has been enriched, making it more powerful and allowing assisted recovery for when SWMM parameters exceed their bounds and computational grids fail.

Documentation enhancements

It’s now easier for you to keep organized and timely with the enhancements we’ve made to the documentation panel. You’ll be happy to see less clutter and more options to add and utilize content.

New SWMM engines

The new PCSWMM supports all EPA SWMM engines, including the latest version (5.1.009). We’ve also added support for the newest model of OpenSWMM (5.1.909), which adds advanced seasonal modeling capabilities while building on SWMM5.1.009.

Furthermore, we’ve updated the interface, leaving it inviting and organized so new users can begin using PCSWMM in a barrier-free environment. PCSWMM 6.0 has been developed through and through with your preferences in mind, and we truly hope you're as excited about the new release as we are!