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Welcome to PCSWMM 6.1

PCSWMM 6.1 is here, and it's packed with unseen capabilities and improvements that will save you time and make your job easier. Helping you bring your best ideas to life, PCSWMM 6.1 not only supports the latest SWMM engine, but it also offers a brand-new 64 bit version, a tile-based project manager, and countless impressive features that will dramatically streamline your workflow.

Highlights include seamless sharing of print layouts and analyses; a fresh model comparison tool that will empower you to quickly and easily update specific input parameters; and default value highlighting which will help you to ensure thought has been put into all model inputs.

Support for the latest SWMM5.1.010
With this latest official EPA SWMM engine, you're encouaged to take advantage of roadway weirs, a modified Green-Ampt infiltration method, daily potential evapotranspiration output and more. Utilize advanced seasonal modeling features thanks to support for OpenSWMM5.1.910, and benefit from a bug fix in the maximum reported depth for SI units.

New project manager
Experience a more comprehensive and visual drag-and-drop management system for projects and scenarios with PCSWMM’s new tile-based project manager. You can display either all projects within a folder tree or all recently opened projects. Found under File > Manage, the project tiles allow for quick logical arrangement into scenario groups and are colored with their assigned scenario color.

Model comparisons
Visually identify differences between the input files of any two projects in the details panel. This new capability can help determine changes made by colleagues and allows you to quickly update specific input parameters in the current project by pulling values from the compared project.

Sharing of map extents and print pages
Map extents, print pages and time series events can now all be included in packaged projects, making it easier to share print layouts and analyses with colleagues.

Default value highlighting
The details panel now highlights parameters that have been left at their default values (when not in comparison mode). This helps the user ensure thought has been put into all model inputs.

64 bit version of PCSWMM
PCSWMM now comes in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. The 64 bit version allows PCSWMM to access more system memory and thus supports the manipulation of very large data sets (GIS layers and time series files). Note that the EPA SWMM engine is still 32 bit.