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Oct 17 - 18, 2023

In constrained urban areas, quantifying and evaluating overland flow routing can be challenging. Characterizing urban flooding requires detailed hydraulic modeling, often via the coupling of a one-dimensional (link-node) model with a two-dimensional (mesh) representation of the ground surface. Integrated 1D-2D models can be used to assess floodplain inundation when watercourses overflow their banks or when the conveyance capacity of pipe networks is exceeded and the hydraulic gradeline reaches the ground surface.

This specialized PCSWMM and EPA SWMM5 workshop is intended for both new and experienced modelers with the objective of building skills in modeling surface overflows from an urban drainage system in a coastal environment. It focuses on the essential methodologies and considerations for analyzing urban flooding within PCSWMM. General flow routing and control concepts are presented, along with the specific case of inlet control (i.e., conveyance capacity restrictions due to curb inlets/catchbasin grates). Concepts will be reinforced using a series of hands-on exercises that compare peak flood stages, hydraulic gradeline profiles, and flood inundation extents using a variety of approaches.

PCSWMM will be used throughout the workshop to speed learning and program execution, and to enhance the understanding of the underlying EPA SWMM5 processes. Participants will develop the necessary skill and confidence to explore and apply the official EPA SWMM5 hydrology/hydraulics engine effectively. During this course you will have an opportunity to learn from a live instructor during scheduled live sessions.

You will receive full workshop details prior to the workshop. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our workshop coordinator.


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