Guelph, ON Canada
Jun 16 - 18, 2020

Watershed planning is a broadly scoped, multi-disciplinary topic that attempts to minimize the impacts of development on receiving waters. Modeling is needed to support many aspects of watershed planning including the design, hydraulic performance assessment, and optimization of stormwater management operations/facilities. Watershed modeling is intended to manage stormwater from a different perspective than individual site development; that is, it is concerned with the cumulative impact on downstream waterbodies and watercourses, due to modifications to natural, undeveloped hydrologic/hydraulic conditions throughout the watershed.

This specialized PCSWMM and EPA SWMM5 workshop focuses on getting both new and experienced modelers familiarized with the processes and considerations essential for watershed model development within PCSWMM. An overview of the watershed planning process will be given, followed by a detailed review of the multiple design and operational objectives implicit in watershed planning, namely:

  • Hazard protection, which is intended to manage peak flows and velocities for the purpose of protecting people and property from flooding/erosion hazards;
  • Quality treatment, which manages sediment, pollution, and temperature to protect public health, habitats, and aquatic/terrestrial resources;
  • Volume reduction, which manages stormwater in a way that mimics pre-development conditions to preserve the natural environment; and
  • Environmental flow maintenance, which manages the intensity, duration, and frequency of flows over a wide operating range.

Participants will develop the necessary skills and confidence to apply the official EPA SWMM5 hydrology/hydraulics engine effectively in a watershed modeling capacity. PCSWMM will be used throughout the workshop. Tools available within PCSWMM that streamline watershed modeling processes are introduced, including sensitivity/calibration, flow duration analysis, and scenario comparison tools.

The first day of this 2-day workshop is intended to get novice users up-to-speed with EPA SWMM5 and the PCSWMM interface, and the second day focuses specifically on watershed modeling. You can attend the full 2-day workshop (for beginner and intermediate PCSWMM users) or just the focussed workshop on Day 2 (recommended for experienced PCSWMM users or those who have attended the regular 2-day workshop within the last year).

You will receive full workshop details, including venue information, two weeks prior to the workshop. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our workshop coordinator.


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Earn 2.25 CEUs for participating in the 3 day workshop. Earn 1.5 CEUs for participating in a 2 day workshop. Earn 0.75 CEUs for participating in a 1 day workshop.




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