Guelph, ON Canada
Nov 11 - 12, 2020

Integrated 1D-2D modeling is useful for flood analysis of both urban and rural watersheds, and can provide a greater understanding of flood flow behavior when compared to a strictly 1D modeling approach. Integrated 1D-2D models can aid engineers in identifying flood risk, especially in situations where the flood flow paths are not clearly defined or consistent between flood events, such as in uncontained areas where there are multiple distinct obstructions (e.g. buildings, walls, etc.).

This workshop provides an in-depth look into the theory and applications of PCSWMM’s approach to 2D modeling using EPA SWMM5. Special emphasis will be placed on the workflow for building and inferring results from a 2D model using tools available within the PCSWMM interface. During the workshop, attendees will have an opportunity to work-through a variety of 2D modeling applications including major-minor conveyance systems and flooding resulting from river bank overtopping.

Participants will develop the necessary skill and confidence to explore and apply the official EPA SWMM5 hydrology/hydraulics engine effectively in a 2D modeling capacity. PCSWMM will be used throughout the workshop to speed learning and program execution, and to enhance the understanding of the underlying EPA SWMM5 processes.

Although this is a 2-day course, the first day is intended to get new users up-to-speed using the PCSWMM interface, and covers introductory material using the EPA SWMM5 engine. You can attend the full 2-day workshop (for beginner and intermediate skill levels) or just the advanced workshop on Day 2 (recommended for experienced PCSWMM users, with focus on integrated 1D-2D modeling).

You will receive full workshop details, including venue information, two weeks prior to the workshop. If you have any questions or comments, please contact our workshop coordinator.


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Earn 1.5 CEUs for participating in the regular 2 day workshop. Earn 0.75 CEUs for participating in the advanced 1 day workshop.




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Please note that a minimum number of registrations are needed by October 28, 2020 for the workshop to proceed. Please register early to avoid cancellation.

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