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As a PCSWMM grant recipient, you have the option of publishing your research with CHI’s Journal of Water Management Modeling. This open access, free publication is available on our website and through the top indexing sites in the research community, and is used by academics and water management professionals worldwide. The animated image below shows the global readership of the JWMM over the past year.

The JWMM focusses on novel methodologies and advances, from basic research to planning, engineering, and operational studies, with an accent on useful and pragmatic ideas for engineers. It is an example of peer-reviewed, open access publishing - access to the published material and its reuse is free; length, format, and quantity of online articles published is unrestricted; and with the addition of our full-time staff and JWMM Management Site, the publication process is in fact a fast, painless, and pleasant experience. 

If you have a water management modeling project or an innovation that you'd like to share with your peers, consider publishing with JWMM. To submit your paper, visit the JWMM Management Site and follow the instructions after clicking “Make a Submission”. Our new management website allows authors to painlessly submit their paper and track its progress through the publishing process.

Suggested topics include:

  • Urban drainage system (storm and wastewater) design, analysis, and management
  • 1D, 2D, 3D surface water and/or integrated groundwater modeling
  • Water distribution vulnerability/risk, rehabilitation, and management modeling
  • Flood forecasting, flood risk assessment, floodplain mapping, and support systems
  • Green infrastructure (LIDs, SuDS), wetlands, and agricultural BMPs
  • Climate change and system resiliency, vulnerability, and security
  • Greywater system optimization and water conservation
  • Stream stability, erosion and sedimentation analyses, and protection design
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of watercourses, wetlands, and lakes 
  • Evaluating urban and rural impacts on aquatic systems and habitats, long-term water budget analyses
  • Water quality analyses and pollution management modeling, including SSOs, CSOs, and TMDLs
  • Field data monitoring, emerging instrumentation/operations, and asset condition rating assessments
  • Calibration, optimization and error analysis (genetic algorithms and neural networks)
  • Numerical and statistical methods, time series and vector data analysis
  • Modeling data development and management using CAD, GIS, and asset management systems


OpenSWMM is a valuable platform to let others know about your SWMM-related research. By posting your project on OpenSWMM, you can both engage the SWMM user community during your study and draw attention to your work after the research is complete. You can describe your project, solicit feedback, help, or ideas from the community, and once completed, provide links to published papers. To learn more and to submit your project for consideration, visit our website.


The JWMM is always receptive to highly qualified volunteers looking to join our editorial board.

Operated independently of our source of funds (CHI), editorial decisions are the sole responsibility of the Editorial Board. JWMM editors and reviewers strive to maximize the influence of every author’s published work through effective, fair, swift, and constructive editorial decision-making, and by setting the standards that make JWMM the go-to source in our sub-discipline.

Every paper is independently “double-blind” peer reviewed by usually three, but a minimum of two, reviewers selected by the individual editor for publication in the journal. We also maintain a list of reviewers that our editorial board can access when assigning paper reviews.

For more information, visit the JWMM website.

If you are interested in joining our editorial board or becoming a reviewer, connect with our Journal Manager at info@chijournal.com


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