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      September 2017    


Johannesburg, South Africa 



October 17 - 19, 2017



This series of PCSWMM and EPA SWMM5 workshop focuses on facilitating new and experienced users develop the necessary skills to confidently create hydraulic and hydrologic SWMM models using PCSWMM. Learn the theory, time-saving tools and practical hands-on applications of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for stormwater, wastewater and watershed systems, with special emphasis on system design, system remediation, green infrastructure (LIDs), integrated 1D-2D and flood modeling. As an added bonus, relevant updated by-laws applicable to stormwater design for the City of Johannesburg will be discussed in detail. You can register for the full 3-day workshop, the 2-Day (Introduction and Intermediate) or just the 1-day advanced workshop on integrated 1D-2D modelling. This training workshop will be held at the South African Institution of Civil Engineering office in Midrand.


Approved by SAICE  - Earn up to 3 CPDs for participating in the 3-day workshop. Earn 1 CPD for every day that you attend.


The City of Johannesburg is in the process of publishing its new Stormwater Management Manual that gives guidance in compliance with the requirements of the Stormwater Management By-Laws that were gazetted in 2010. Until recently the City has enforced only the 5 year and 25 year recurrence interval part the peak discharge attenuation requirement of the By-Laws. It has condoned non-compliance with the attenuation requirement for other recurrence interval storms, and has not enforced the requirement that other characteristics of Stormwater runoff should not change from the pre-development to post-development condition.

The relevant clauses in the City’s by-laws are:

Clause 3(3)(a)
“In order to ensure the latest and best technology is utilized in the area of jurisdiction of the Council, these By-laws must be read with the manual, the provisions of which must be complied with.”

Clause 32(2)
“The characteristics of all stormwater from a development site, with regard to quality, flow rate, velocity & frequency must be the same as the stormwater runoff which would have flowed from the development site in its natural condition prior to the commencement of any site development activity.”

The “natural condition” referred to in Clause 32(2) is defined in the Manual as the condition of the land prior to the discovery of gold on the Witwatersrand, i.e. specifically not the brownfield condition of the development site immediately prior to commencement of the development.

Compliance with these conditions will not be easy and will require a combination of LIDs including detention storage for peak discharge attenuation, interventions to enhance infiltration and evapotranspiration, and almost certainly rainwater harvesting.

Demonstration of compliance to the satisfaction of the City and the Johannesburg Roads Agency will be difficult without detailed and sophisticated calculations, such as continuous modelling to generated flow duration curves for the pre-development and post-development conditions. The tools available in PCSWMM and the techniques that you will learn in the workshop will make this process much easier.


Day 1 (Beginner)

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Designed with the beginner in mind, Day 1 focuses on introducing the theory, concepts and tools available for EPA SWMM5 modeling. Lectures are interspersed with real-world hands-on exercises, with plenty of time for one-on-one interaction with the instructors.


SWMM5 hydrology and hydraulics, building a new stormwater/sanitary model from scratch, hydrologic parameterization, storage facility design, dual drainage system design and GIS data integration. As well as Design storm system analysis, continuous water quality simulations and introduction to climate change modelling.

Day 2 (Intermediate/advanced)

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Day 2 focuses on progressing your existing skills and diving deeper into the capabilities of EPA SWMM and PCSWMM. We explore green infrastructure (LIDs, SuDS) and water quality modeling, as well as stormwater reuse and natural system modeling.


New green infrastructure modelling capabilities, including green roofs, bio-retention, permeable pavement, rain barrels, infiltration trenches, rain gardens, vegetative swales and rooftop disconnection. Pollutant buildup and washoff for continuous modelling, sizing stormwater ponds for treatment, modelling stormwater reuse with control rules, and erosion analysis.

Day 3 (Advanced 1D-2D)

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Day 3 focuses on intermediate and advanced level topics with emphasis on integrated 1D-2D model development and results interpretation for urban flood analysis.


Topics included on this day are semi-automatic sensitivity, calibration and error analysis, watershed discretization and parameterization, importing HEC-RAS data sets for watershed flood analysis, and output analysis and inference. We highly recommended that you have already participated in a PCSWMM workshop (Day 1) or taken our online workshop.



Full 3-day workshop: $625.00 US (~R9570)
2-day beginner/ intermediate workshop: $530.00 US (~R8115)
1-day advanced 1D-2D Modelling workshop: $320.00 US (~R4900)


Full-time students (with proof of status) are entitled to a 30% discount.


The workshop fee includes a 60-day single user license for PCSWMM Professional 2D software (60-day single user license), workshop training materials, the Urban Drainage Modeling Workbook, the Rules for Responsible Modeling guide, complimentary lunch, beverages and snacks.


Visit our training website to register and for more detailed information, including what we provide, what you need to bring, instructor bios, and more:


If you have any questions or comment, please contact our workshop coordinator. 


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