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We are now offering virtual live workshops for a variety of topics and skill levels. In addition to our regular 1-day or 2-day PCSWMM & EPA SWMM5 workshops, we now offer specialty workshops on specific modeling topics, including urban flooding analysis, wastewater, watershed, water distribution, groundwater, low impact development (LID) analysis, integrated 1D-2D modeling, and development impact analysis. See our list of upcoming workshops below to learn more.


You will earn 1.5 CEUs for participating in the 2-day training courses and 0.75 CEUs for the 1-day training courses. 


Jul 6-7, 2021

PCSWMM & SWMM5 1-day or 2-day Virtual Live Workshop

Jul 20-21, 2021

PCSWMM Urban Flooding Analysis Virtual Live Workshop

Aug 10, 2021

PCSWMM Wastewater Modeling Virtual Live Workshop

Aug 11, 2021

PCSWMM Low Impact Development Analysis Virtual Live Workshop

Sep 21-22, 2021

PCSWMM & SWMM5 1-day or 2-day Virtual Live Workshop

Oct 5-6, 2021

PCSWMM Watershed Modeling Virtual Live Workshop

Oct 12-13, 2021

PCSWMM & SWMM5 1-day or 2-day Virtual Live Workshop

Nov 2, 2021

PCSWMM Groundwater Modeling Virtual Live Workshop

Nov 24, 2021

PCSWMM Water Distribution Modeling, EPANET Virtual Live Workshop

Dec 14-15, 2021

PCSWMM & SWMM5 1-day or 2-day Virtual Live Workshop

Jan 5, 2022

PCSWMM Integrated 1D-2D Modeling Virtual Live Workshop

Jan 25-26, 2022

PCSWMM & SWMM5 1-day or 2-day Virtual Live Workshop

Feb 15-16, 2022

PCSWMM Development Impact Analysis Virtual Live Workshop

Feb 28-Mar 1, 2022

PCSWMM & SWMM5 Pre-Conference Virtual Live Workshop 2022


Visit our training website to register for these PCSWMM/EPA SWMM5 regular and specialty workshops and/or for more detailed information, including what hardware and software you will require at home to complete this training.


If you have any questions or comment, please contact our workshop coordinator. Please also take a moment to forward this workshop offer to any potentially interested colleagues.
   519-767-0197 ext 1001​

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Guelph, ON
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